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    Default BES upgrade question

    I am going to be upgrading my BES from 4.1 to 5.0.4...I am actually wanting to start completely fresh on a new server. My questions are....

    How do I migrate users/Cals to the new server? Also, do you know which versions of SQL are supported with the new version of BES? We are a Novell Groupwise environment and currently using the free MYSQL for database functions on the current server. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I am the new admin for BES and desperately wanting to update.

    Thank you!
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    Search the BlackBerry Technical Support Center (BTSC) for the terms 'bes compatibility matrix' and download the referenced PDF file.

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    I echo what kill_9 said.. also if you have a service agreement... USE IT .. BB support guys/gals are SUPER nice and helpful.. if i remember correctly you get free install support.. (don't quote me)

    It worked out great moving my BES to new hardware mostly because you can get a temp/new SRP, install new BES, then use the Transporter to move all your users over.. really really ease and my users never knew anything happened.
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    Migrating the SRP and CALs, depends when your BES4 is Enterprise Edition or Professional Edition. The user accounts can be migrated using BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter; migrate the first few accounts one-at-a-time to ensure that you understand the process and to make sure it will work. Then you can migrate user accounts in batches - limit batch size to 20 accounts to keep things manageable. I just realized you are using MySQL in the legacy environment. The BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter might not be compatible; you'd have to test whether BET can connect to MySQL.

    If you have specific questions send me a PM.

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