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    Default Motorola S9 works for music but not videos?

    Ok ive tried reading and finding all the info in this forum for this problem , I bought a motorola S9 for my bf's bday so he can watch videos on his BB but the sound wont work with the headset. There is no "headset" option when in video mode but for music it works perfectly fine??? Any words of wisdom?
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    Blackberrys will not play MP3 through a bluetooth headphone (except Blackberry Curve). You can only use wired, or use the speakerphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulk View Post
    Blackberrys will not play MP3 through a bluetooth headphone (except Blackberry Curve). You can only use wired, or use the speakerphone.

    You have no idea what you're talking about.

    MP3 files play just fine over Bluetooth. It's just video that won't play over bluetooth and that has to do with the fact that in order for the audio to get over bluetooth, it must be streamed (which adds a little delay to it). Because of this, there's no immediate way to sync it up w/the video playback on the BB platform. Hopefully the future will fix this, but this has been discussed before.
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    Default I found a way to hear your videos using the S9 Motorola bluetooth

    Ok this is what you have to do. Download the Mobiola xPlayer from shapeservices.com Install this media player then go to settings. Select general and pick Bluetooth A2DP under Playback audio path, select save. Now go to your normal BB media player and select a MP3 song in the music folder. Once you hear music playing in your S9 speakers turn down the volume on the BB media player only! Not the S9 volume, now hit the red hang-up button on the BB. This should take you to your Main screen with the song still playing in the back ground, but with no sound!

    Now open you Mobiola xPlayer and start a video. You will now hear the sound on all your videos as long as the mp3 player is playing a song on the BB media player in the background. If the MP3 song stops this will stop the Video sound on the S9 as well. So I suggest putting your player on continue, or repeat. I'm going to just put a very long Mp3 song on my BB that I will use for this purpose only so I don't get any pauses after each song is finished.

    Hope this works as well for you all as it has for me. To be honest this it the only reason why I bought the S9 in the first place! To see and listen to my TV shows and videos on the train. There making me use my brain dang!!!

    Black Berry 8820
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    If that tip works, do you have any lip sync issues using bluetooth and the 8830? Oh, you have to pay for the software - I was hoping your found a free solution. I wonder if other mediaplayers for the BB would work similarly?
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