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    Default Using Internet via wifi only

    I have a 5 pay as you go sim card which i have put in an old blackberry (8900) that i have so my daughter can have a phone for calls and texts.

    Is there a way that i can allow internet access via wi fi only.

    I have noticed that if i allow data services on phone and untick the box for "Mobile network" then i can connect to wifi and use internet but if i tick the box for "mobile network" i am not sure when using phone the phone whether it is using wi fi or mobile carrier (o2).

    I do not want my daughter to have to turn off mobile carrier and remember to turn back on whenever she uses internet as she will no doubt forget.

    Hoping there is something i can change or amend so that internet only works via wifi

    Any help appreciated
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    Wifi would take precedence over mobile data by default. However, that being said, not all apps, email etc would work via wifi only as it still needs BIS to function as the 8900 is a legacy BBOS device.

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