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    Default Calendar view query on Blackberry Curve 9300 with new OS6 installed


    This is my first post on here. Your help would be much appreciated.

    I have just installed OS on my Blackberry Curve 3G 9300.

    I iked the fact that with the previous OS 5 my calendar on 'week view' would only show the range of hours that I set it to: eg 0800 - 2200, and not all 24hrs.

    However, on OS 6 I have set the range to 0800 - 2200 in options but the while the calendar greys out these hours they are still showing. This means that I have to scroll through several hours of blank calendar (00:00 to 0800) before I get to my entries. Is there any way to delete these hours from the week view?

    Also I preferred the contrast of the coloured background in OS5. The white (weekdays) and very very light grey (weekends) are very hard to distinguish. Is there any way to set a different colour background.

    Again, thanks in advance for any assistance.


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    Hi Rich,

    You're not alone, I prefer the old OS5 calendar week view. I've settled on the month view in OS6 as my new default. I kept missing appointments using the new week view!

    Some people have gone to using Pocket Informant to get the old week view.
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    I'm a heavy BB calendar user, and the OS6 calendar changes was one of the reasons I went back to 5. I personally just didn't lke the 6 calendar interface or features (and removal of some of the features in 5) as much as the 5 version. Just didn't seem as user friendly or logical to me.

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    I also find this incredibly annoying. It was a perfectly usable and visible week view an a much smaller screen. And I really don't need fonts and icons to be 2x bigger than before. Did anyone contact RIM to try to get to an solution/software upgrade? Scaling the week view or just keeping it as it was on OS.5 should be one normal option in the calendar (BB Bold 9900, OS.!

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