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    Default Regarding the new Gamepad API.

    I'm sure a good few of you are aware that an API was included to use Bluetooth gamepads (Steelseries Free, Gametel, Wiimote to name a few) for games made with the NDK, but this raises some more questions for someone like me. What about USB controllers over a host adapter, and what about complex games that would benefit from the use of a controller's analog triggers (like a 360 wired pad, or the original Classic Controller's shoulder buttons for the Wiimote)? How would those be utilized or come into play?
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    You might appreciate the following articles/videos concerning the new gamepad API that got released today. They may answer your questions (or not?):

    BlackBerry 10 Gets Support for Wireless Gamepads – Shows Off What Devs Are Creating - BerryReview

    You can also check out Blackberry's Tutorial on the Gamepad API here: Tutorial: Create the Gamepad application - Native SDK for BB10 - BlackBerry Developer

    The Blackberry developer blog has information as well that was posted today: Adding Gamepad Support to Your BlackBerry 10 Game BlackBerry Developer Blog

    There's a video embedded in the links as well about Unity 4 playing Shadowgun in which the Z10 is hooked up to a TV via HDMI and the individual is playing the game with a gamepad. I'm not sure what model of gamepad the person is using.

    To sum, currently, the following gamepads are supported: the SteelSeries Free; the Gamete;, and the the Wii Remote (core buttons on the remote itself are supported – that means no attachments and no motion controls, just the D-Pad and other buttons).

    I am looking very forward to this type of gaming.
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    This is how I thought the way gaming would go. seeing how good the games are on tablets and phones I expected it would be only a matter of time before the causal gamer would would hook up the phone/tablet to the Tv and use a controller with physical keys/joy stick and play the games. Die hard games would still buy consoles. I myself have moved from being a hardcore gamer to now a causal gamers, thus will not be buying any of the new consoles that are coming out.

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