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    Default BlackBerry / CrackBerry magazine

    With everyone talking about what new features they want to see on BB10 I think we're all overlooking something. I'm in the UK and when I go into my local supermarket or newsagents there are shedloads of android/iphone/kindle magazines but no BlackBerry ones. I think this is an important omission in the ecosystem, people love to buy magazines about their device and find out new things/hints and tips etc. Also the casual browser may pick up the magazine and get interested and also kids start drooling over the devices and show them to mum and dad. Alongside a huge tv marketing campaign this could be an effective way of spreading some BB10 love.
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    RIM has been sticking to their game plan. They are not going to start spending money now, with the added bonus of being lost in the Holiday Season. The spreading of the love will begin on or slightly after January 30th, 2012

    I used to see BB magazines, but I haven't seen any in years. Swirl Solutions has some type of Tips/Hints for BBs that they send out periodically (or used to, I stopped receiving them when I switched from BB)

    Though January and February are traditionally known as the weakest economic months after the holidays (people paying off all the spending they did), so I am not sure of the impact it may have on BB10, hopefully, not much.
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    Kevin! Let's do this! I can set up content and print production and distribution in Europe including UK, and US in one month. Just say the word. Even better a Mobile Nations mag! Will fly off the shelves!!!
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    I agree, it would be nice to see Blackberry Books and Magazines. Tired of seeing Android, Iphone, Ipad etc magazines on every store shelf. On Amazon, there's only 2 books available for the Playbook, but I guess the bottom line is supply and demand.
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    Cool and then we can read the magazine on an APP! Just being silly...sorry

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