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View Poll Results: Should Blackberry Make a Landscape Slider Device with Physical qwerty Keyboard ? (select multiple)

89. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes! I have always wanted Blackberry to make a Landscape Slider

    30 33.71%
  • I have used a landscape slider and I loved it , I wish BlackBerry makes one too !

    13 14.61%
  • I used a landscape slider from XYZ and wished it was better, Maybe BlackBerry can pull it off

    4 4.49%
  • I never got a Landscape Slider because they seem flimsy, but i would get one made by BlackBerry

    4 4.49%
  • Landscape Slider would offer a no compromise solution for me ! Large Screen and Full Keyboard !

    17 19.10%
  • I have used a Torch, and the Keyboard is Cramped, Landscape keyboard sounds great !

    4 4.49%
  • I will Prefer the L-Series or A-Series i do not care for the physical keyboards anymore

    11 12.36%
  • i will Prefer the N-Series or M-Series, Physical keyboard is a must for me!

    19 21.35%
  • Yes (Explain)

    6 6.74%
  • No (Explain)

    25 28.09%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. Specwire's Avatar
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    It probably would be too much of a niche product in the current market.
  2. bmercer94's Avatar
    CrackBerry Master

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    I've had three slide phones, one torch-like by HTC(touch dual) and two from samsung, both samsung devices had multiple faults which is the reason i do not intend to get another samsung device. EVER. I'd prefer a landscape flip to landscape slide.
  3. ItnStln511's Avatar
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    HollisterCO511@aol.com hit me up!


    I wouldn't mind it if it was like the Samsung Captivate Glide's keyboard?
  4. merlin7777777's Avatar
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    the glide's keyboard is very flat. Would rather have bumpy keys like a proper bb keyboard, only wider to allow for fat thumbs
  5. fotyc's Avatar
    CrackBerry Abuser

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    Default Torch!

    Count me in as another one of those happy Torch slider users who want that form factor in BB10 as well. Have we seen any roadmaps or other leaked documents that indicate there will be a portrait slider in 2013? Or is it just a lot of hope, based on the fact that there are other marks out on the roadmap after the L and N releases?
  6. Tim-ANC's Avatar
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    Default Blackberry 10 Landscape Slider

    Me2. Torch portrait style is perfect for me. Just want to trade my OS 6 for BB10.
  7. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    CrackBerry Genius of Geniuses

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    I didn't mind Torch when I had it. Liked the 'best of both worlds' idea and didn't mind the size or popping it open. The keyboard was my least favorite on a BlackBerry and the original 9800 felt anemic to me (9810 which I tried was better).

    I wonder how well the second Torch actually did. I saw the first one get used a lot and still see them a fair bit. But the second one seemed to come and go quickly. It seemed like anyone that wanted a BlackBerry went for the 9900, which I see more than any other.
  8. Concession's Avatar
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    +1 to a slider. Any slider, I don't care.

    I do like landscape ones with big keyboards. I've used a Torch but thought the keys were too thin. Hopefully if they only do a portrait keyboard they'll improve it.
  9. Qaxl's Avatar
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    Thread AuthorThread Author   #34  


    C'mon guys a few more votes!

    I plan to compile the votes into a meaningful result soon, hoping we get to a few more votes before i do that.

    Thank you for all your thoughts people. I will soon upload a pic of what a Blackberry10 keyboard could look like in landscape mode.
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