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    Default BB10 launch apps.

    Hi,, as we all know, when bb10 releases later this year, the future of rim pretty much rides on a successful launch. One of those keys is having good apps available at launch, so I thought we should make a list of apps that we all want/need for when bb10 launches, and get that list to rim so they know which developers to court hardest.

    Now, I don't know anyone at rim or anything, so if anyone else can pick this up and get it to the right people, it would be appreciated.

    Ok, I'll start. My top apps would be:
    Flashlight app
    Bank of America
    Chase bank
    My AT&T
    Square space
    Scanner pro
    Save to PDF
    PDF expert
    Google maps

    Edit: additional apps from replies:

    BlackBerry Travel
    BlackBerry Traffic
    Google Sync
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    all smartphones are tools.
    android = 48pc tool set (you"ll eventually find the tool you need, but some assembly required)
    iphone = swiss army knife (most of the tools you need in a small, simple to use package)
    blackberry = adjustable wrench (sometimes all you need is a wrench)
    windows phone = bionic wrench (its different....but it works)
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    Top 5:

    Bank Of America
    BlackBerry Travel
    BlackBerry Traffic
    Google Sync
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    I assume they all ready know the main ones complained about daily on here.
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    Me personally, I'm more of a fan of "utility" apps. The most important apps on my BlackBerry 9900 are ones like the following:

    - BeBuzz that gives me full control over LED and notifications
    - MyOwnHotKeys that allows me to configure the home screen keyboard shortcuts; I can launch pretty much anything I need from the home screen. I barely open the app menu anymore.
    - SearchIt, which gives me additional search options in Universal Search (Wikipedia, Dictionary, Google Images, etc...)

    There are others, but those are my favourites that I use every day. This is in contrast to apps like Groupon, Twitter or Facebook, which I may only use from time to time. However, those apps are simply replacements for websites and I can do without them.

    My primary concern about BB10 is whether it will be possible to really "customize" the device through apps running in the background the way you can a regular BB.
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    Skype/Tango !
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    t of Blue Moon!


    LOVE searchit! Never knew about that app! Thanks!

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