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    Good to know...the mother of all cell phone market, China n India..
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    01-25-2013,*09:43 AM

    When will we get BB10 devices in India and how many are likely to be there?

    Globally, we will announce BB10 on January 30. Within 2 or 3 weeks, I expect it to come to India. Initially, there will be one device, the flagship model with full touchscreen. It will be followed by another device soon. We have tested BB10 devices with carriers. Internally, we have trained our channel partners and staff on BB10. We are ready for the new beginning.- RIM

    Footnote* India would get BB10 later than NA , so Feb14/21 for India, MUCH sooner for NA. One rumour validated with PUBLIC info right from RIM
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    Team Crackberry like you guys even I want BB10 to do great all over the world. India is a huge market and I feel BBs attitude towards it does not make sense.. Guys in place like India where z10 is launch I see not even a single newspaper ad or a TV ad. Sony Xperia has done and so has samsung and apple. Does BB think they can sell in India just like that. Also not sure why the MD Sunil Dutt resigned. Brand Blackberry is huge in India and many Indians atleast 1 million can buy a Z10 just like that even if its the most expensive phone out there. Please convey this to the CMO that till date not even a single ad has been seen in newspaper nor TV. How will Indians know its a WOW phone without any TV ads. Instead of wasting money on "Keep Moving" project please spend some wise marketing money for such things.

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