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    Default BB10 Feature Idea: Downloadable Voice Packs

    Hey guys,

    I posted something a similar idea before, but it wasn't refined and it was still in the early phases on thought process. Now i have streamlined the feature idea.
    What if Blackberry's new upcoming voice assistant (seen here as voice control http://n4bb.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/icons.jpg) opened up its api to allow for sound developers to make Voice Packs that are downloadable through the app world. Once, you have SIRI for a year you realize how annoying the same voice gets. What if sound studios and recording artists could make sound packs you download such as Cowboy, British, Aussie, Yoda, Steven Hawkings, Jamaican. They could charge money on the app world to make them, and make some money.

    Literally anyone can download them and change their voice assistant to their own personal preferences. I worked across from a sound studio this summer that made the sounds for Mattel's leapfrog and they said if this was possible, them and many sound development studios would do it.

    What do you guys think?
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    Sure, why not.. this stuff has been available for years on GPS systems and such.

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