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    Quote Originally Posted by Eumaeus View Post
    No. Not only is it possible, but it happened. The closed-source part of Safari is closed source. The html-rendering engine is based on the GPL'ed Konquerer, and Apple's changes to the source-code were re-committed to the Konquerer CVS repository in the same week Apple originally released Safari (as required by the GPL). Which is why WebKit is open-source, thus continuing to honor the GPL. When Blackberry makes modifications to the WebKit code (as opposed to their BB10 browser), they too will commit those back to the project, as required by the GPL.

    All this is a matter of well-documented history; it is not super-interesting, except as the back-story to a really good web-framework that has become the industry standard (and thus a very wise choice for BB10's browser).
    And what's the name of the rendering engine?? KHTML not Konqueror, Konqueror is the browser, with all the Qt/KDE code that creates the UI.
    Call each thing by its right name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rrtek View Post
    And what's the name of the rendering engine?? KHTML not Konqueror, Konqueror is the browser, with all the Qt/KDE code that creates the UI.
    Call each thing by its right name.
    You are absolutely right. I was imprecise, and therefore wrong, just as if I'd confused "Webkit" with "Safari". Thanks!
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    The most important question we should be asking the OP is whether or not having Apple in the credits actually detracts from his experience of the web browser or the device??.

    If it doesnt then who gives a flying pig if they are mentioned in there

    But if it has detracted from your experience of the web browser then please for the love of god, return your device
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    me to a wall...


    The really funny thing is... This isn't news. WebKit has been there since BB OS6.
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    Webkit is the browser engine, it's cross platform.
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    This is not news. The improved BlackBerry Browser in BlackBerry OS 6 as well as OS 7 and in PlayBook OS 1 and 2 all use WebKit as their basis. BlackBerry chose WebKit for good reasons, including trying to give users the best experience possible (compare to Microsoft for example and the crippled mobile IE in Windows Phone 7.x and 8.x). For history and background on WebKit, please see Wikipedia links posted by others in this thread.
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