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    Default BB10 Twitter .bar?

    Does anybody know where I can find a twitter bar file of the BB10 twitter app? I'm trying to test posting to twitter on my dev alpha but I can't invoke to an application I don't have installed. A link here would be great, alternatively a PM would be just fine as well.
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    Available upon request.


    Don't you have access to BlackBerry World?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AVPTI View Post
    Don't you have access to BlackBerry World?
    Twitter and some others apps such as Facebook and Foursquare aren't available on BB World using the dev alpha.

    To the op, you could use the simulator... I don't know why they wouldn't give us the full BB10 for testing purposes only.
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    I can't download twitter on the simulator either. Do any of the simulator builds come with twitter? I'm on
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    Why not just load up one of the leaked dev alpha builds and run the full OS?
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    even the leaked dev alpha build runs everything except Twitter and Cineplex. Probably others but haven't checked. if anyone finds the .bar let me know.
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    Same deal here... trying to test twitter/foursquare/fb integration but no joy... yet...

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