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    Default What apps have you loaded and kept?

    I think this would be a good way to share what apps (besides pre loaded) you have so others can maybe see some they didn't know about or hear about them.

    I wish there was an app for our local newspaper, the province. and whatsapp would be nice. but other than that i pretty much have everything i had on my 9900 already plus more. i'd kill to have a battery percentage in place of the battery indicator though.

    but so far I have:
    bb bridge, flashlight free, weather network, orb, angry birds, solitaire, run in crowd, blackjack king, bubble birds, stocks, cbc news
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    Don't have a run down of apps but just wanted to let you know that WhatsApp is confirmed as coming.
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    ported flipboard app
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    Angry Birds star wars
    Globe and Mail
    NY Times
    The Last Weather App <--- seriously get this. It's pretty awesome.
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    Not a huge gamer but bought Amazing Breaker and played all 100 levels. Super game.

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    Weather Eye
    Canada Hockey Night
    Blackberry Bridge
    Other apps that I use were already there - BBM, Box, FB, Tweeter.
    Still waiting for personal banking apps from TD, Scotia

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