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    Default HULU App for BB10?

    I haven't seen anyone ask or comment about this. I personally think Hulu is better than netflix, at least on TV shows... I watch movies on a real TV and use AppleTV for that, however I do catch up on shows using my playbook, but can only see those that allow full episodes on their websites. HULU would be great on my z10 and on my Playbook even better! Has anyone heard anything on HULU? Android port would be welcomed...
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    I would like to see Redbox and Hulu
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    Hulu has some good content. But, they also have the worst programmers on the planet. Hulu for android has never worked well. Latest version on Nexus 7 crashes and reboots machine every time. Literally.

    They are trying to hard to jury rig the forcing of advertizements, they can never get it right.

    That said, I agree. Would be nice to see a stable version for BB. Sideloads haven't worked.
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    Ive been trying to find a working port for Hulu and nothing has worked yet... I hope they can make one soon, I use Hulu all the time
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    use android one

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