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    Default What case will you buy for your Z10?

    Bought the white Z10. Until it arrives, I'm looking for a case that will not mask the beauty of the white Z10, but at the same time protect it from possibly dropping.

    I'm leaning towards the hard shell flip in white, but I'm thinking it could be annoying using the Z10 while pulling back the flip cover to use. I would love to have at OTTER box but they only have them in black and they are a little too bulky.

    Any suggestions?
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    It's complicated...


    We're starting to get everything up in store now.... going to be getting every type of case that comes up for the Z10 sent to CrackBerry HQ too to personally try out. Right now I've been using my Z10 naked, but curious to see how all the cases and pouches work.

    BlackBerry Z10 Cases | ShopCrackBerry
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    I'm thinking hard shell, I have one of those on my 9810 and it doesn't get in the way.
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    My Z10 will be nekkid. The only case I've used in ages was a Lifeproof on my 4S to waterproof it. If it doesn't add serious functionality like water-proofing, I don't add bulk and ugliness to my devices.
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    just picked up my Swivel holster and ishield screen protector!!! can't wait for feb 5th!! was going to go otterbox -because i work in a hospital and have 2 small kids- but it looks like it covers a lot of the bezel which would be pointless. she's staying naked...... well partially!
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    Naked for me....I don't use cases. Just keep keys,coins etc in a different pocket from phone
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    I've always liked the Otterbox commuter series. Tough, but not too bulky for pockets...
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    Most likely the Otterbox Defender. If not then i would go for one of the Official Blackberry cases if they are for sell during the launch.
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    Default Re: What case will you buy for your Z10?

    I've always gone with the otter box commuter cases on my devices. Great protection and not a whole lot of change to the overall size and look of the phone. I hope they release a commuter for the z10 soon. I'd like to get my hands on one
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    Found some cases on ebay that I like!!!

    HotPink 3D RAIN DROP DESIGN HARD CASE COVER for BlackBerry Z10 BB 10 + Film | eBay


    HotPink Wallet Leather Case Cover for BlackBerry Z10 BB 10 + Screen Protector | eBay

    CUrrently using a Gollia case with my 9810 and seeing how I do not carry a purse it is perfect so the second case will be for when I go out.
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    The Case Mate barely there seems nice

    It says coming soon, but you can find it by going to Cell Phones, Smartphones & Mobile Phones from BlackBerry.com and looking at partner products.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pmungus View Post
    I've always liked the Otterbox commuter series. Tough, but not too bulky for pockets...
    likewise. i can't standddd cases. i put a screen protector on my 9900 and hated it. the slight difference in sensitivity, clarity and making it more grippy were not for me.

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