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    UEM 12.6 (formerly BES)
    BB Priv activated on Android For Work

    I'm having an issue with contacts not displaying on the Visual Voicemail app.

    Received call notifications (the drop down notification at the top of the phone when a call comes in) show name info from work contacts
    The phone app (not BB hub, but the phone app) shows name info from work contacts in the call log
    Text message notifications (drop down) show name info from work contacts
    Messenger (text app) shows name info from work contacts

    Visual Voicemail app only shows phone number - no name info which makes it basically useless.

    So that's the problem I'm having.

    How are your priv's visual voicemail working? Is name info showing or just phone number?

    I notice if I put an identical contact into my google contacts then the visual voicemail then displays the name info correctly. This tells me that this app is looking at the google contacts. Of course we wouldn't expect users to export their work contacts and import them into their google contacts. That would be a manual process with no synchronication. So how does one get the VVM app on the priv to use the work contact information?
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    You're lucky to have vvm on Priv. Not sure what provider you're with but Rogers apparently doesn't support vvm at all on android

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    03-17-17 09:28 PM
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    You're lucky to have vvm on Priv. Not sure what provider you're with but Rogers apparently doesn't support vvm at all on android

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    AT&T in US.

    Maybe that's why the guys at BB Support are looking at me like I'm from Mars. I just assumed (incorrectly) that all modern day systems provided VVM services. Geez, I've got it on my BB7 9810 from 2008. I'm flabbergasted. I keep asking them how can you have BES on Priv's to corporate customers and have the VVM app only show phone numbers and not take the name information from the corporate contacts. The Phone and SMS apps do it just fine. Strangly enough if I populate either the local contact or the gmail contact with the phone number than the VVM will display the name, but that's a manual process and a kludge at best.

    I'm going to be speaking with the Support manager today and will likely want to speak with the BES product manager. BB keeps looking at me like I've got some esoteric problem in my installation and it's not me, it's apparently all devices.

    So here is my questions for anyone supporting Priv's on BES 12.x:

    1. Your Carrier
    2. Do you have a VVM app on android?
    3. Does your VVM just display phone numbers in the list or names?
    4. Does your VVM app display names for the corporate contacts or only local?

    When you think of the priv in the hands of the corporate user, how could you not have all the apps (phone, SMS & VVM) displaying corporate contact info? All previous BES/BB's in existence did exactly this.

    To take this feature away in today's android world would seem idiotic. I'm missing something here. That coupled with the fact that a priv that's inactive for more than an hour will shut down the BES/VPN and stop receiving any data from BES until it's woken up again tells me that someone at BB is not paying attention to the android platform.

    How are users accepting this? I'm really scratching my head here.
    Today 12:16 PM

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