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    Default Sideloaded App seem slow....

    Just followed the instructions on sideloading (Thanks!) and loaded:


    All loaded OK but they seem sluggish when running...example in twitter...scrooling is not smooth - it's kinda jumpy.

    Speedtest results seem way off...indicating speeds I don't have...

    IMDB works but gives an error when first loading....

    Anyone else notice this and if so is this normal?

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    It is normal as it is a side loaded version of the app. If it was native then it'd be much better.

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    I have imdb loaded also, but I find myself using the mobile site more. So much so that I made a home screen link for it.

    Posted via CB10
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    yes sideloaded many apps and all dont run well with Z10 and with no BIS = NO PUSH EMAIL which BB where known for sad blackberry changed the phone so much went back too 9900

    Well BACK to Z10 after futher research the Z10 does not need
    BIS for email !

    All emails are push already from most email providers.
    Last edited by mike22; 03-28-13 at 03:36 PM.

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