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    Default Request SHAZAM.BAR file

    Hi Everyone !
    Looking for a SHAZAM bar file to sideload on to my Z10
    pls and thanks

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    PM Me For It


    I tried side loading it and it did not work.

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    ask me


    I dont have the Z10 yet, but isnt this supposed to be a native app? I thought this was available already . I use this daily, I hope I dont have to side load this as I have no idea or desire to do that once the phone is available here.
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    Look at her ****, dios mio


    The apps announced are becoming available when it hits March. i.e. when US get their z10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelzz View Post
    Hi Everyone !
    Looking for a SHAZAM bar file to sideload on to my Z10
    pls and thanks
    I would like to see Shazam on bb10 as well!
    have a look a this thread and especially comment number 8: Whatapp and Shazam?
    I have also written their client support but got no answer. When and if I get one I will post on the above thread if it is relevant.

    Long story short: Shazam say they have no ETA on Shazam for BB10 yet but "definitely check back at shazam.com soon".

    I for one do not perceive this as either a yes or a now for the moment.

    sideloading shazam as per most threads read, no one has managed to make it work on the bb10 as far as I have been able to find out.
    lets hope we see it coming soon.... (SoundHound will supposedly be there soon as an alternative though, so I guess if shazam gets too late we ll have to use the alternative).
    best regards and hope this has helped.
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    There is a converted bar file for shazam on goodereader.com, but it doesn't seem to work... I just get a black screen
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    Default Re: Request SHAZAM.BAR file

    Any app similar to Shazam (that "listens" the music) that works on the current playbook os?

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