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    The problem I am running into is that the most vital portion of data I need moved over (contacts, messaging conversations, etc.) refuse to restore to my new device. The error message that I am receiving in Blackberry Link refers to unsupporting software. I realize that the problem is caused from differing software packages on the two phones. I've had to move from AT&T to Verizon, so my ATT supported phone has the software release while the Verizon supported phone has the software release. I've tried doing a device switch with the old phone plugged in and a device restore from a back-up file, neither of which has ended in success.
    Since my AT&T service has been shut off, my phone appears to be unlocked (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). I'm wondering if my solution is to load the same Verizon supporting software package onto the old device and then reattempt the device switch/device restore. Please let me know if this is a viable solution, and if so, how can I accomplish this?
    12-26-14 07:01 PM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    Get Darcy tool and rename the back up files to the same os number then you should be able to back up,.
    Darcy's BlackBerry Tools
    Here is the link.
    12-26-14 07:10 PM

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