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    Hi all,
    My blackberry keyboard stopped auto detecting languages today. I'm using it on OnePlus Two, and I have it set as multi-language keyboard with two languages, English as primary and Slovak as secondary. Prior to today the keyboard was automatically detecting language I was typing in and auto-suggesting words together with their correct diacritic in Slovak language. |for some reason this all seized to work today. I have tried to repairthe the keyboard installation, uninstall and install it again with setting it up from scratch , to no avail. I tried to clear chached items under memory and USB settings as suggested in one thread, also to no avail. Tried to set the multi-language input several times with different combination of languages again to no avail. Keybord is also not showing any updated in BB manager from Cobalt, so I assume its on latest version.
    Does anyone have suggestion what to do next? Any help and suggestion appreciated.

    03-18-17 01:13 PM
  2. Cobalt232's Avatar
    I bet it's not configured correctly. Verify that you have selected the second entry of your primary language. There should be two same entries.
    03-18-17 01:26 PM
  3. Cobalt232's Avatar
    03-18-17 07:25 PM
  4. pawuk2's Avatar
    Hi , mine appears like this. I have set it the same way as when it was working. But for some reason it doesn't recognise the secondary language at all. Also when I uninstall the the keyboard, and install it again both options for English (UK & United Kingdom) appear straight away .
    Attached Thumbnails Blackberry keyboard stopped autodetecting languages-1852.jpg  
    03-19-17 03:08 AM
  5. Cobalt232's Avatar
    Then try the second entry "English (UK)" .
    03-19-17 03:30 AM
  6. pawuk2's Avatar
    Already did that, still not working, tried it with both of them selected alone, and together, or in combination with Slovak, just not working for some reason.
    03-19-17 03:36 AM
  7. Cobalt232's Avatar
    I configured it right the other way round: primary language is German, secondary language English. Then, in the language dialog, I selected the second entry of German.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    03-19-17 03:43 AM
  8. pawuk2's Avatar
    Tried this as well, and still not working, no idea why?
    03-19-17 03:54 AM
  9. Cobalt232's Avatar
    Strange. What is your keyboard version?
    03-19-17 05:04 AM
  10. pawuk2's Avatar
    I think it's the latest as mine blackberry manager is not showing any updates.
    Attached Thumbnails Blackberry keyboard stopped autodetecting languages-704.jpg  
    03-19-17 09:45 AM
  11. SimsG's Avatar
    Identical problem. My Romanian predicted words with the proper diacritics are completely gone, even though the keyboard still says "English(Canada)/Romanian". I tried everything, nothing worked...
    03-19-17 07:58 PM
  12. pawuk2's Avatar
    I had try to factory reset my phone yesterday afternoon, no help either, problem still exists. Really not sure what's going on. Anyone else having the same issues???
    03-20-17 06:51 AM
  13. hadji's Avatar
    Same problem! I am on dtek60 with multilanguage activated for romanian, french and english. 2 days ago I received an update for the keyboard on google play and after instalation, my prediction for all languages are completely gone, i am desesparate :-(((
    03-20-17 12:51 PM
  14. pawuk2's Avatar
    Are you guys on latest version of the keyboard? What version number??? Is there a way how to report this to BB?
    03-20-17 12:59 PM
  15. thurask's Avatar
    Are you guys on latest version of the keyboard? What version number??? Is there a way how to report this to BB?
    There's on the Play Store, but I'm not sure if it's been made available for non-BB devices yet.
    03-20-17 01:03 PM
  16. pawuk2's Avatar
    I'm on from Cobalt's manager, can the keyboard be sideloaded via apk?
    03-20-17 01:06 PM
  17. Cobalt232's Avatar
    You can download 2.5.1 from the repo in BlackBerry Manager. I believe that it's beta only.
    03-20-17 02:48 PM
  18. hadji's Avatar
    Are you guys on latest version of the keyboard? What version number??? Is there a way how to report this to BB?
    Yes, last version of BB Keyboard dated from 9 March, a complete mess on my Dtek60! I should report but I am not sure that it is a general bug :-(
    03-20-17 02:50 PM
  19. SimsG's Avatar
    Hey, I think I may have a temporary fix, I have uninstalled BlackBerry Keyboard and then it installed the Romanian part on its own, now it works as it used to, before the update, with the proper diacritics and prediction for "English(Canada)/Romanian". Hopefully the update will not start on its own and overwrite it again...
    03-20-17 03:37 PM
  20. pawuk2's Avatar
    Did you uninstall and then install again??? I tried that several times and nothing happened. Could you describe exact procedure what you've done, and what version of blackberry keyboard are you using.
    03-20-17 05:05 PM
  21. pawuk2's Avatar
    OK, I gave one more try to reinstalling of the keyboard, and it works. Here is exactly what I did.
    1. Switch back to system language in input method-input languages
    2. Uninstall the keyboard
    3. Installed keyboard version number from Cobalt's repository
    4. Activated the keyboard and set with multilingual input. Settings-Language&Input- Input method-
    Multilingual keyboards- + sign in top right corner- selected primary and secondary and save again in top right corner- made the keyboard active and in next dialog window disabled system default and choose my new keyboard named as English (United Kingdom)

    As said now it works, and still no idea why it has stopped. Tried exactly the same steps before but with keyboard version 2.5.0. without any success, so maybe this is known issue to BlackBerry after all. Will keep this updated in case it goes all bad again. Thanks a lot to everyone for input.
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    03-21-17 02:45 AM
  22. SimsG's Avatar
    Yes, sorry for not being specific, I did the same. and yes, I have a new version too, 2.5.1... so I guess it was quickly fixed.
    03-21-17 02:01 PM

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