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    Default Best Place to Sell my Iphone 5 so i can buy a BB10?

    So last month i renewed my contract with Telus (up in the Great white North) and got a iphone 5. I all ready had the 9900 and figured why not give it a try before bb10 comes out. Well now i want to get rid of my Iphone. Any suggestions on things i should do to it first and where to sell to get the most money.

    Why am i getting rid of it you ask. well other then surfing the web and playing with some of the apps its sucks. It makes crap phone calls, and doing 2 things at once its impossible and i miss keys a lot and a end button the work the first time you pressed it.

    BB10n hear i come
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    Bring me a BB10 so i can ditch this Itoy
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    Available upon request.


    Try selling amongst your friends or your friends friends.
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    Default Best Place to Sell my Iphone 5 so i can buy a BB10

    You can always post here on crackberry in the marketplace.

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    If you have a local website that advertises local selling that would probably be your best bet. Something like Craigslist or KSL.com/classifieds (What we Utahns use)
    You could also the iMore forums marketplace.

    eBay and Amazon will take a chunk of your money so those would be your last bets.
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    Kijiji, everything sells there.
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    Swappa.com -> That's where I got my latest phone and sod my last one.
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    I'd probably wait to see if there's another delay for BB10 before pulling the trigger
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